What is txtBux?

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  • txtBux is an online peer-to-peer book market whose aims is to eliminate the hastle around buying or selling your unwanted books.

    By allowing YOU to list the books you want to sell; and enabling YOU to buy from other like minded users, together we will build something awesome. Checkout the how it works section for more clarity.


  • txtBux is currently in public BETA mode. We would like to know how you use the platform to build better features that will make your experience a memorable one with us. So if there is anything that you believe will assist you in using txtBux differently or if anything seems out of place contact us and we will put our team on it for you.

What our users are saying

It's the answer to all your unwanted books.

It's like Gumtree and OLX got married and had txtBux lol. Great platform for the budgetting student.